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Understanding Floriography and the Meaning Behind Gift-Giving In Different Cultures

Understanding Floriography and the Meaning Behind Gift-Giving In Different Cultures

16th Feb 2022

Flowers go a long way towards showing that you care. Your florist may tell you that 89% of people who receive flowers believe the giver is sophisticated. It is something that is easy to give and is a language all on its own. Let's look into the origins of gifting flowers and how gift-giving works in other cultures.

The Origins of Floriography

Floriography is another term for flower language. Every flower has its own unique significance or symbolism in the art of floriography, which can be impacted by its variety and color. Floriography became popular in France between 1810 and 1850, in the United Kingdom during the Victorian era approximately 1820–1880, and in the United States between 1830 and 1850. We speak this language up to today.

Why Do We Give Flowers As Gifts?

Giving flowers as gifts has a different meaning in every culture. Let's explore these meanings.


In Japan, gift-giving and flower-giving are quite traditional. Gifts for anniversaries, births, graduations, housewarmings, and social obligations such as return trips are typical. People anticipate bringing gifts or Omiyage (souvenirs) for their friends, family, and coworkers when they return from vacation.


Gift-giving in Egypt dates back to the days of idols, pyramids, and pharaohs, when offering kings gifts was a customary practice to secure their allegiance or even personal fame. Gift-giving customs are still alive and well in the country today, and they have a place and time when they are suitable.


Gift-giving is used in China to express respect, gratitude, friendship, love, and hospitality. It's also crucial for keeping a positive relationship with the culture and its people. Gift-giving etiquette, in fact, has been passed down over the years. For example, etiquette dictates that you offer gifts to a host to express gratitude, decline a gift two to three times before accepting to avoid appearing greedy, and wrap all gifts you give.

The Meaning of Flowers

Flowers are given for many reasons. You purchase flowers from your florist for some of the following reasons:

  • Immediate happiness for the receiver
  • To communicate emotions such as love or sadness
  • To encourage a romantic connection
  • To visually inspire people
  • It's a simple go-to gift

Next time you visit your local florist, spare a thought about the significance of their trade. Realize what flowers mean in different cultures, how we communicate emotions, and what floriography is. Contact us to purchase a bouquet for your loved one today!